WOAH! an update! October 10 2015

Hey! Ya so I haven’t posted for awhile, I had a lot of stuff to deal with in the last few months and its made me feel vulnerable, despite the awesomeness of some of the events, I haven’t had the desire to update this. Since my last post I have, Shown at Calgary comic expo, finished the Santoro comics correspondence course, got into grad school (BELFST YO), had the fun time dealing with getting loans and student visa, finish up a few new works, and curated that papergirl show that got postponed a million times. I was also working at the time so I have been pretty busy. I may have said this before but I don’t plan on making this blog weekly anymore, I don’t think my life on a weekly basis is interesting enough to comment about. I am thinking since getting into grad school I should document my progress so I am interested in possible doing this post monthly.

Not Enough?

I originally wanted to submit this piece to IPE print show. But I got lazy about getting my money converted to pounds at the time to submit the work. But I still really love this piece. I felt sad at the time, I felt like my feelings at the time where not considered important.


Parazity gang

These two, I had an desire to explore the idea of living a fantasy life that I always wanted to be apart of.



These last two and a lot of my silkscreens are on display in Pages in Kensington Calgary. I was having a bit of a difficult time medically when I was making these. the second one got kinda overexposed when I got it scanned (i went to print shop) I’ll have to get it re-done later when Im back in Canada.

Belfast has been so kind to me the last month, I had a few bumps but Im becoming infatuated with it. I am a little sad on the lack of comics here though. I’m going to have to bring the scene here! But, I am going to kendal this weekend for the lakes international comics festival! So I’m gonna buy and do so much I’m so excited! :O

Hey I’m Alive! Tuesday sketch, (on a sunday)

Hey I’m alive! Whoo! Sorry for my lack of updating I had been applying to grad schools, I’m taking an online course to which I can’t talk about, I moved, working feverishly for papergirl (I get to curate a show!) got into a few art shows and now prepping for the Calgary comic con so sadly the blog had to take a back burner position. Most of my sketches have been for that course I cannot talk about, Ill show something when its done or when I can get it done, I am very very slow.

I can show you some new prints and illustration I have done and are working on! Most of these are already up at Pages bookstore in Kensington and they asked for more so hopefully I can get them done soon.



I have been thinking of doing a redesign for the website since my work both fine art and illustrations are going in a different direction, I was thinking of switching over to “squarespace” but, I just found out I got into grad school in Northern Ireland so I’m going to be sticking with a free website for the time being. But, I am going to eventually move all my older work to be replace with my new stuff, my old stuff you can still see on my deviant art! So thats something to look forward too.

The first change will be my banner I was never in love with it and I’m making a new one for comic con. Ill post the redesign when I can, but come and visit me at comic con in calgary! I’m booth B 08 “Oh Silly turtle” Ill have new comics and oldish ones and my illustrations will be for sale and it’ll be a fun time.


I can’t promise when Ill update this blog again I would love to go back to a weekly update but its sorta up in the air if I can do that right now, perhaps after the con and things have settled down a bit. Hopefully you’ll keep coming back!


Tuesday sketch, Dec 9 2014 “IM BACK!”

Hey I’m back and I have a lot to show!

I’ve been rather busy lately and trying to fit time in for all that I want to do but its been rather difficult. I’ve been having to switch jobs and I’m applying to grad schools and in a few shows and its been a little crazy, so sorry for the hiatus! But I’m back and eager to show off my work!

Here we go

To start off with I’ve been working on some stuff for market collective, scarves, prints, etc. Honestly I put off a lot of it to the last minute so Iv’e been working pretty relentlessly, but I’m feeling pretty good and inspired but towards my master application artwork, so sorta making it harder for myself. :P

IMG_1094 IMG_1110Scarf I printed and some designs for cards and buttons! I really like the cats expression.

FullSizeRenderPiece I did for a show in Calgary called “Buns and games” it was at tubby dog in October- November. It’s gouache pencil crayon and marker.

IMG_1064T-SHIRTS for a band. I didn’t do the design* just the printing but I really liked how they turned out. This one is all wrinkly cause I sat on it, thankfully it was an extra and not part of the ones I had to give them.

Pic1 Pic 2 Pic3 Pic4


Stuff for masters (sketches) and submission for a show in Tennessee I’m in. More information about that show coming soon. I’ve been focused on these weird skeleton creatures, they’re just coming out…


Thats it for now see you next week!


Whoops! random hiatus!

Hey sorry everyone I took a hiatus for awhile I had some things to work through. But don’t worry tomorrow will be a tuesday sketch! I have a lot stuff to show, but just a little update on what happened to me recently to give some context. I was fired from a job after telling my boss that I was being verbally, emotional and physically harassed. So yeah, very illegal of last job and literally nothing could be done about it, and it took me a little while to find a new job. I have one though!

I have been avoiding doing things online I was sorta making a hermit of myself and trying to get a routine going. I’ve been applying to masters programs and doing shows and trying to fit in at new job so I’ve been a little distracted. More info coming tomorrow about upcoming events and shows so stay tuned! Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday sketch Oct 28th 2014

Hiya! Sorry again for the late entry, I’m thinking I may have to move Tuesday sketch to another day, it doesn’t seem like a day of the week I have time to be able to sit down and write this out.

I’ve been slowly working on projects, but trying to relax, I have some time off before starting a new job I just recently got. Depression can really stunt me artistically, so I’ve been focusing on outside projects like for Papergirl and reading a lot. Anyway to the sketches!

photo 3

Next page of the “Inner Core” in progress. Excited to get in the computer and get it toned :)


Some warm up sketches, mostly from senshi stock on deviant art and a little mabel from gravity falls.

photo 1 photo 2

I saw online that you can draw on mugs with sharpie and bake them in the oven so I wanted to give it a try. The beaver is in sharpie and the leaf is Copic marker, I wanted to see if it worked. The sharpie seems to fair after hand washing but the Copic seems to have faded a bit. Im curious to see what would happen if I put it through the dishwasher.

Thats it for now! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday Sketch Oct 21 2014

Hey Im back, sorry for the no update last week, I had some last minute shows and some personal problems arise and I just needed to take a break from everything, I got emotionally burnt out. I forgot to take a picture of a piece I had in a show at Tubby dog in Calgary, I’ll get the piece back in November so I’ll document it then. I honestly just didn’t do very much since the last update on the 7th, which isn’t good I don’t want to fall out of practice, but depressions a bitch. But I do have a few things to show!

photo 2

A little watercolour piece I did for a friend. I used Qor watercolours. I’d like to get some of those watercolours but they are expensive. This was from a little sample pack I got.

photo 1

Really, really out of practice for drawing, so I decided to draw Jareth from labyrinth cause I love, love, LOVE that movie. He’s sorta wonky but what do I expect when I take a week or so off from drawing.

magic cat

Working on a postcard to send out to potential clients. I’m gonna do a starry background in gouache and touch it up digitally. I think it’s rather cute. :)


That’s it for now, the only other thing I’ve been working on is a poster for papergirl but I didn’t design it Im just reformatting, colouring and lettering it. I’ve been slow with it for some reason. See ya next week!


Tuesday Sketch, October 7 2014 Here come the monsters…

While working on some other projects I started the October 30 day monster girl challenge, where everyday you do one of the monster girls on the list. I missed two days which I plan to push it into november but so far I’ve been doing pretty well. I don’t have todays to show, I haven’t finished it yet, its a fun project to do I’ve been using them as a warm up so I’m not putting a lot of time into them. If you follow my tumblr you can be kept up to date with them!

Here’s what I got so far!


First one, slime girl. I mixed some of that crappy gouache with my roommates good stuff and it worked out okay.


2nd one Naga. Done in Tombow markers.

photo-39 photo-41

3rd Mermaid, I went shark. I didn’t totally finish this one, she’s stretching like she just woke up. I was a gonna draw a pillow and bed and a skeleton of her last killllll. But I didn’t feel this was something I should spend a lot of time on. Also pre sketch for it.


4th Spider Girl. Not a fan of spiders, didn’t wanna do a lot of references for this one. Thought be cool if she was a punky spider.

Today is plant girl, I’ll show her next week unless you follow my tumblr (dooo itt)

Till next time!