Tuesday Sketch August 26, 2014 Dragons, unicorns, papergirls and a sexy man.

*Sorry its late again this week, last night I was helping setting up the PaperGirl show at the Epcor centre. Starts tonight at 6 tonight!

So haven’t been focused on anything since I transferred stores, the new mall is pretty packed and planning all the PaperGirl stuff I’ve been pretty busy. But I managed to get a new job that’s closer to home and is more in my field, Ill go into more later so I don’t jinx anything, but, I do have sketches to show and their more for fun and keeping in practice drawings, no real reason behind them.

photo 4 photo 1 photo 3

Feelin down in the dumps so I decided to draw some unicorns and dragons, cause their awesome. I loved unicorns as a kid, I think my favourite movie until I saw Jim Henson’s Labryinth was the Last Unicorn. I always wanted to get a tattoo of a unicorn, that’d be sweet.

The Dragon actually was a screen capture from Skyrim, and the dragons are super cool in that game,  I’ve been playing in a lot lately it makes me feel so much better. A funny story about dragons, they’re the reason I started drawing. (not really funny but I wanna tell it.) When I was really young, my sister drew a dragon for my grandparents and they framed it and they put it on their wall. They praised her and told her she was a very good drawer, and all I could think of when I saw it was “…I can do better” probably with the most cocky face a 6 year old can muster. I wasn’t a very confident or noticeable kid but for some reason I was really confident about my drawing skills. Thankfully my parents were super supportive of their kids being artists and helping us both go through art school, but I think their both afraid for our futures finically, especially for my sister since she’s a like a performance artist or some other stupid thing. (Im joking, she does like sculpture shit, she did performance art a little bit in the past, and its the only thing I remember about her artwork) (nothing against performance art, I get it but I don’t generally like it) (Like have you ever seen Spaced? There’s an episode about performance art and it sums up my reaction towards it, except I kinda like Daisy’s routine but I think you would have to know her character to get why its funny)

photo 2


Saw this picture of a really sexy man online, I desired to draw him, so I did. End of story.


Here’s a pic of the PaperGirl group when we finished setting up. I quickly made some paper bag masks for our photo booth.


Thats it for now!

Tuesday Sketch, August 19 2014 “Lowbrow art, newspapers, and bellyaches.”

Hiya, sorry for the late post, I transferred locations at my job and frankly I’m not doing too well with the relocation. It’s far from my house and in general I don’t like the new store, not to go into details but it blew up my stress meter and aggravating my condition. It put me behind in my artwork and sadly I had to shaft the upcoming post for a few days. Since the relocation I haven’t been able to fully finish some of the pieces I really wanted to finish, but I decided to not dwell on it.

I applied to a local art show that I have been apart of in the past named the “Lowbrow Art Show” it was on hiatus for awhile as the gallery that used to host it closed down, but now it’s back up! Which is super exciting, I would like to see more shows like this in Calgary in the future that highlight “lowbrow”  type work. I really like how the genre itself is re-taking the idea of “lowbrow” as something not to be dismissed or to be deemed as something lesser in the eyes of the art community. I wanted to submit some brand new work for the show for consideration but due to my bellyaching that I described above I didn’t get the chance to finish anything. But, I’m gonna show you what I was thinking of doing!

photo 1 photo 4 photo 2 photo 5

Just some thoughts trying to get ideas out, I was working in the thought process of doing self portraits. I was thinking with the first one having a bunch of cats within the ribcage, and hiding my face but I couldn’t get the image to work out.  The last image I was thinking again self portrait with a bunch of tentacles or vine like things coming out of my face, I still really like this idea, I’m not totally happy how the sketch turned out but I’m thinking of keeping this one as a possibility for future work. The two in the middle, the cat head in the rib cage, this one spawned from the self portrait with cats in tummy but I decided to not be a self portrait. I really wanted to finish that one for the lowbrow show as I really like how its turning out. There are a few things in it that I gotta fix, the hands the hair to mention a few, I think want to do the final piece in pencil crayon.


Another idea for the low brow submission, a more direct self portrait I did it on Manga studio, I wasn’t feeling it so I stopped. Not sure if I’ll go back to it, but I really like the idea that I wanted to go for, its hard to tell since I didn’t flesh it out, but thats supposed to be a paper crown on my head. I wasn’t doing a great job on the hair and maybe I’ll go back to this one but I’ll have to re-do the hair.

photo 3

Just a warm up sketch, getting the juices flowing, found the image on Tumblr, Im sorry I can’t find it again :(

(I didn’t save the image or pull it off tumblr I just drew directly from the tumblr feed)


So I’m apart of PaperGirl Calgary and we were in the Calgary Herald this week! Got’s my picture in the paper, won’t my mama be proud? They asked me to bring in some of my artwork as I did all the designs for papergirl and have been a participant in the annual show in the past. Connor in our group is holding my piece, thankfully they respected my asking of making sure they posted that its my artwork and not his. I made sure too that they should mention that I’m an illustrator, and I’m not ashamed of my shameless self promoting! Every little bit counts in my opinion.

Here’s the link to the article! 

Thats it for now, till next time!




Tuesday Sketch August 12, 2014 “Sketches, sketches and even more sketches!”

So in September I will be at the Red and White con in Calgary and my roommate and I are working on a brand new comic for it. We are still debating whether it’ll be online thing or too pitch it to a publisher of some sort. So, I’ve been working of character designs and the like for it for the past week, also some random stuff for practice. If you follow my webcomic you might of noticed the lack of updates, frankly due to my illness, but I haven’t abandoned it, needed a break and I am working on it so hopefully expect something soon!

Ever since July, I sorta fell into a depression, whether that be related to my constantly  falling ill or maybe the depression making me ill, none the less its been a trying month. I’ve been very much doubting my abilities and my current life situations and also where my future lies, I haven’t been able to see any light at the end of the tunnel. It has left me not enjoying my art, it’s starting to feel like work, which is very sad, I’m hoping with this new comic  will be a fresh start and something too look forward too. Hopefully I’ll get out of this funk.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4photo 1photo-34

Yah! character designs! theres gonna be A LOT of cats in it, so I’d thought I would practice some. Sorta changing my style a bit, its been super fun to draw this way, a lot of long pasta shapes. Also doing the research on the viking guy was really fun to do. The girl is supposed to be sorta princessy but business like, so trying to incorporate a suit with princess theme, it’ll make sense in the comic, I promise.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 2 photo-31

These are all just practices and warm ups, found a pic of marilyn monroe wanted to draw her, practice people kissin, drew the lamp and random stuff in my apartment, and was re-watching “Easy A” the other day (I really like it, fun movie) and decided to draw the main Olive for fun.


Thats it for now! check ya later.

Tuesday Sketch, August 5 2014 “The charred afterbirth of my weekend”

Horror con was this past weekend… it was something. My experiences may be towards it may be darkly passive as I had no sleep, cause like stress and stuff, but it was okay. As a vendor I did alright, considering the lack of attendees which I think was caused by poor location (seriously hard to get to without car) and the fact there were so many things going on in Calgary and I assume a lot of people left for the long weekend, so it was rather sparse and by sunday it was a little bleak. A lot of vendors just packed up early sunday and left due to lack of people, but I trudged on. Overall though, it was nice too see the people running it have such a passion for the horror genre, while the administrative side was super lacking and their weren’t many events going on to keep people around, the general atmosphere was pleasant and welcoming. They did have some interesting vendors and while I saw nothing really original it was fun to go around and talk to people, even though some were rather condescending and even some where “surprised” that all the work at my table was done by me and not by my helper. But, that’s not really the location or the con’s fault, nature of the beast I suppose, happens at every one I go too and human nature or whatever, I’m just complaining cause I like too. I’m not sure I would “do” horror con again, maybe if they had a better location. But, here’s a pic with my helper! (yeah that pic next to my booth, super classy)



Okay so for sketches, can’t show everything at least not for now since they are intended for stuff, and this past I only ended up finishing some pics since I noticed since my chicken pox (it attacks the nerves) I’ve been having trouble drawing. It doesn’t feel like a block or anything more like I can’t feel my hands and its not totally responding too what I want to do. So hopefully that goes away!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Okay hopefully you can see some of these, basically just practice and doodling. The middle one was from a dude at the con that sat across from me and did those type of thing like sword down the throat and etc. It would of only been cool to watch if I wasn’t in such a piss poor mood and really wanted him to bugger off and do that shit else where. Some of the stuff he did was really gross, like a circular dagger up through the mouth and out the nose. Like I guess people usually gotta pay to see that shit and I got to see it for free so why complain, but I wasn’t the only one wishing he left.


So I can show this cause, whatever Im the events coordinator, whom am i to answer too, can’t get into no trouble, basically this is the in process illustration for our call out for volunteers for PaperGirl Calgary. I think I will make the speech bubbles bigger and have the two girls describe what is needed. I think it looks okay so far tho.


Final sketch I’m gonna show, this I hoping will turn out for a portfolio piece. I like it, looks cool, really like the long hair. Im gonna grey tone it. Not gonna have a background, cause fuck em.

Swearing a lot in this entry, should wash my mouth out with soap. Till next week.


Tuesday Sketch, July 29 2014 “the topic of the week… butts”

More like last week was more about butts and this one more about black and white. I have a little obsession lately about butts, I feel like a little kid again, there makin me giggle. I have to do a piece “something that represents my work” in only black and white and its making me stress. I have made quite a few drawings some from last week that I already showed and some new ones I’m going to show this week. The project got extended, which is really nice, since I was sick and didn’t get so much chance to work on it, so now I can make whatever I choose the nicest I can.

Here we go!

photo 3

I thought of doing something as a self portrait, and my negative attitude at the moment towards this project and events around me at the time.

photo 1

I was thinking of using something like this but, as I thought about it, this piece would work stronger if it was repetitive. I was thinking silkscreen as different colours, in repetition in one piece. It starts to sound strange when you say if fast, over and over.

photo 2

I think overall I am going to go with this piece, I am going to paint in some tone to make it pop out more. I think it represent my work in that a lot of my art has some sort of character base.


Oh hey yeah did some Fan Art.


Thats it for this week, but did you notice the new layout for the website? Looks nice right? I updated the portfolio section so now theres a spot for just sketches, and I put the comics in that section as well.


Im at Horror Con this weekend come say hi if your in the area!

Tuesday Sketch July 22 2014 “Talkin about black and white”

Heya! I forgot to mention last week but I decided to change the layout of the site for something more simple. I felt like I needed a change and I am thinking of bringing back the cat pattern and styling it a bit more but not until I’m done with the current projects I’m doing.

So I’ve been stuck on what to do with a current project that has to be in black and white for a art book that Im going to be in. It can be whatever I want with the exception of copyrighted stuff, and I am sorta stuck on what I want to do. I keep thinking I have these great ideas but then when I sketch them out, I kinda go meh..? I can decide if I want to go simple or complex and now Im running out of time so I have to figure it out soon. I’ve never really had issues in the past with doing black and white artwork, for awhile its all I did, I love the simple nature of it that can be so complex at the same time. I think I get stuck further when I look up other artists work, while that usually inspires me, this time is just makes me sad that I can’t think of something as awesome as that. My best work always seems to flow out naturally when Im not over thinking it, similar to like when you don’t second guess yourself when you take an exam and you do very well. I think I just need to chill out and have fun with it.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

here are some really quick I ideas I had for it. The one with the butt was an idea about her going though a black hole in the paper. I haven’t really gotten it to where I like how it looks. Same with the aliens, I like the idea but it’s not satisfying me. All I do know is I want to go with something kinda funny.

Also I did this as a quick idea, not for this specific project though.

photo 5

It would be pretty if I did it in pastel colours, why did I draw it? Cause Cats.


Thats it for now!

*sorry for the late response yesterday (And still today) I’m having an allergic reaction to something. Im kinda loopy and tired as all hell.