Tuesday Sketch, July 29 2014 “the topic of the week… butts”

More like last week was more about butts and this one more about black and white. I have a little obsession lately about butts, I feel like a little kid again, there makin me giggle. I have to do a piece “something that represents my work” in only black and white and its making me stress. I have made quite a few drawings some from last week that I already showed and some new ones I’m going to show this week. The project got extended, which is really nice, since I was sick and didn’t get so much chance to work on it, so now I can make whatever I choose the nicest I can.

Here we go!

photo 3

I thought of doing something as a self portrait, and my negative attitude at the moment towards this project and events around me at the time.

photo 1

I was thinking of using something like this but, as I thought about it, this piece would work stronger if it was repetitive. I was thinking silkscreen as different colours, in repetition in one piece. It starts to sound strange when you say if fast, over and over.

photo 2

I think overall I am going to go with this piece, I am going to paint in some tone to make it pop out more. I think it represent my work in that a lot of my art has some sort of character base.


Oh hey yeah did some Fan Art.


Thats it for this week, but did you notice the new layout for the website? Looks nice right? I updated the portfolio section so now theres a spot for just sketches, and I put the comics in that section as well.


Im at Horror Con this weekend come say hi if your in the area!

Tuesday Sketch July 22 2014 “Talkin about black and white”

Heya! I forgot to mention last week but I decided to change the layout of the site for something more simple. I felt like I needed a change and I am thinking of bringing back the cat pattern and styling it a bit more but not until I’m done with the current projects I’m doing.

So I’ve been stuck on what to do with a current project that has to be in black and white for a art book that Im going to be in. It can be whatever I want with the exception of copyrighted stuff, and I am sorta stuck on what I want to do. I keep thinking I have these great ideas but then when I sketch them out, I kinda go meh..? I can decide if I want to go simple or complex and now Im running out of time so I have to figure it out soon. I’ve never really had issues in the past with doing black and white artwork, for awhile its all I did, I love the simple nature of it that can be so complex at the same time. I think I get stuck further when I look up other artists work, while that usually inspires me, this time is just makes me sad that I can’t think of something as awesome as that. My best work always seems to flow out naturally when Im not over thinking it, similar to like when you don’t second guess yourself when you take an exam and you do very well. I think I just need to chill out and have fun with it.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

here are some really quick I ideas I had for it. The one with the butt was an idea about her going though a black hole in the paper. I haven’t really gotten it to where I like how it looks. Same with the aliens, I like the idea but it’s not satisfying me. All I do know is I want to go with something kinda funny.

Also I did this as a quick idea, not for this specific project though.

photo 5

It would be pretty if I did it in pastel colours, why did I draw it? Cause Cats.


Thats it for now!

*sorry for the late response yesterday (And still today) I’m having an allergic reaction to something. Im kinda loopy and tired as all hell.


Tuesday Sketch, July 15 2014

I’ve been on the grindstone finishing up a comic submission that was due today, I’m realizing how much I still have to learn about makin comics, it makes me both excited but really depressed. It has really been forcing me to see my faults as an artist, pushing me to my artistic limits and really having to accept and try to fix those faults. To sum it up without going to too much detail its bringing down my confidence, and making me question all my work and my future of a career in art. It’s not like I can stop though, I’m still gonna make stuff  so something worrying about this kinda thing is pointless. I’m not sure I could really devote myself to anything else anyway. :P

Other than working on that specific comic I did a few other things. Check it out.

photo 1 photo 2 10541932_10152228217577196_3784334098398667876_n

Some really quick sketches, for the last one I did a super fast speed paint today just for practice I didn’t really want to think and just enjoy the process. I’m not going to finish it I just wanted to do something today.

quick paint



Last Thursday I was a little stuck on that comic project so I took a break and did another speed paint of an idea I had for a little while. It’s a play on Zues and Leda, instead of accepting him she is more reserved. I took a little longer on this one and I might go back to it later to emphasize the hair.

What is good for the goose


The one other thing I did was I fixed my Fionna and Cake fan art piece. I wasn’t %100 happy with it and I got some good advice towards fixing it. The problem I think I had with it was I got lazy, which I should never do, not very professional of me. But this time it’s so much stronger, I fixed the crystals and emphasized the shadows and highlights a bit more.

Betterfionnaand cake72

For comparison heres the older one.

Fiona and cake with crystals


Well thats it for now! I think I’m gonna just chill out tonight, need to self medicate, with cookies, tea, skyrim and a lot more cookies.

Peace for now!




I am taking Commissions! 

I made an account at Artists and Clients so you can now get me to do some personalized artwork for ya!

I am open to all kinds of genre and looking for all kinds of work like comic, editorial, and cover illustration. Or if you just want your Favourite Character from like Fraggle rock up to like GOT Im up for that too! (I think those two examples covers a HUGE spectrum)

Don’t wanna commission me? Thats okay! If you still wanna help me out re-blogging or liking the post will be greatly appreciated.

Check out the site here to commission me I’m Silly-Turtle prices are up to negotiation but here are the base prices!

Comic Illustration (BW, grey tone) $80 per page

Coloured Sketch Bust ($20)

Coloured Sketch full body ($30)

I am open to NSFW, within reason just ask me just simple black and white drawing will be cheaper.

Fiona and cake with crystals

eclipse 18canvasWendy


Tuesday Sketch July 8 2014

Horror con is coming up fast and I’m getting super excited! I have a lot of projects still to do and I and super excited to work on them though I am a little nervous I won’t get everything that I want finished. But, I can do it, I just gotta buckle down more and try not to get distracted by new project ideas.

On to the sketches!



I showed this sketch last week but this is the colouring so far, I’m not totally satisfied with the eyes, teeth and ribs I’m gonna redo it. It feels a little flat to me so I gotta do something about that, I’m planning on putting it on a black background so hopefully it might push the image forward.

Fiona and cake with crystals

I finished my Fionna and Cake fan art! The crystals were super fun to do.


I finished a new portfolio piece! It’s called “Meh” pencil crayon on paper. Feeling kinda down lately, useless, and disposable it’s really starting to reflect in my work. Sometimes doing the work feels as though it will make me feel better, an outlet, but it leaves me feeling even worse a it’s forcing me to look at my reflection.

Anyway getting away from the sad and depressing wanna look a something nsfw? check out my Sexy Tumblr. I did a practice sketch  the perspective is off but meh, I messed up her foot a bit too. I’m trying to get more experience drawing people interacting and sex acts are a fun and interesting way to do that. They looked a touch odd just floating on the page so last minute I decided to give them the mattress and room. So did it really quick without thinking about the perspective. Sexy sketches! fun to do

Till next week!