Tuesday sketch Oct 28th 2014

Hiya! Sorry again for the late entry, I’m thinking I may have to move Tuesday sketch to another day, it doesn’t seem like a day of the week I have time to be able to sit down and write this out.

I’ve been slowly working on projects, but trying to relax, I have some time off before starting a new job I just recently got. Depression can really stunt me artistically, so I’ve been focusing on outside projects like for Papergirl and reading a lot. Anyway to the sketches!

photo 3

Next page of the “Inner Core” in progress. Excited to get in the computer and get it toned :)


Some warm up sketches, mostly from senshi stock on deviant art and a little mabel from gravity falls.

photo 1 photo 2

I saw online that you can draw on mugs with sharpie and bake them in the oven so I wanted to give it a try. The beaver is in sharpie and the leaf is Copic marker, I wanted to see if it worked. The sharpie seems to fair after hand washing but the Copic seems to have faded a bit. Im curious to see what would happen if I put it through the dishwasher.

Thats it for now! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday Sketch Oct 21 2014

Hey Im back, sorry for the no update last week, I had some last minute shows and some personal problems arise and I just needed to take a break from everything, I got emotionally burnt out. I forgot to take a picture of a piece I had in a show at Tubby dog in Calgary, I’ll get the piece back in November so I’ll document it then. I honestly just didn’t do very much since the last update on the 7th, which isn’t good I don’t want to fall out of practice, but depressions a bitch. But I do have a few things to show!

photo 2

A little watercolour piece I did for a friend. I used Qor watercolours. I’d like to get some of those watercolours but they are expensive. This was from a little sample pack I got.

photo 1

Really, really out of practice for drawing, so I decided to draw Jareth from labyrinth cause I love, love, LOVE that movie. He’s sorta wonky but what do I expect when I take a week or so off from drawing.

magic cat

Working on a postcard to send out to potential clients. I’m gonna do a starry background in gouache and touch it up digitally. I think it’s rather cute. :)


That’s it for now, the only other thing I’ve been working on is a poster for papergirl but I didn’t design it Im just reformatting, colouring and lettering it. I’ve been slow with it for some reason. See ya next week!


Tuesday Sketch, October 7 2014 Here come the monsters…

While working on some other projects I started the October 30 day monster girl challenge, where everyday you do one of the monster girls on the list. I missed two days which I plan to push it into november but so far I’ve been doing pretty well. I don’t have todays to show, I haven’t finished it yet, its a fun project to do I’ve been using them as a warm up so I’m not putting a lot of time into them. If you follow my tumblr you can be kept up to date with them!

Here’s what I got so far!


First one, slime girl. I mixed some of that crappy gouache with my roommates good stuff and it worked out okay.


2nd one Naga. Done in Tombow markers.

photo-39 photo-41

3rd Mermaid, I went shark. I didn’t totally finish this one, she’s stretching like she just woke up. I was a gonna draw a pillow and bed and a skeleton of her last killllll. But I didn’t feel this was something I should spend a lot of time on. Also pre sketch for it.


4th Spider Girl. Not a fan of spiders, didn’t wanna do a lot of references for this one. Thought be cool if she was a punky spider.

Today is plant girl, I’ll show her next week unless you follow my tumblr (dooo itt)

Till next time!


Tuesday Sketch Sept 30 2014, I don’t know what I’m doing

So, I bought some gouache from work and was super excited to work with it. I’ve seen amazing works done with it and I love how it can act like watercolour, oil and acrylic all at once. I was playing with it all Monday and Tuesday (its sorta why this post is late) and frankly I got super frustrated, I don’t act like I can “master” a medium within such a small time frame but I have enough experience with mediums I can get the gist of it pretty quickly, but this time I couldn’t do anything with it. Could not blend colours,it was weirdly cakey and sticky, and the appeal of gouache is that you can rewet it once dried but this would just flake off, and I couldn’t get a matte look no matter what I tried (how it looked and acted reminded me of those kids watercolour pucks). I was like, if I had a suitable table to flip I would flip it so hard, but my roommate saw my struggle and mentioned they shouldn’t be acting like that and I tried hers and HOLY MOLY they were so nice to use, I have a suspicion that the ones I got were either: dead or old, or just a really bad quality (from what I researched online) can’t return them either since I got them super discounted. GRR waste of time. But, from hers I understand why a lot of illustration and fine artists work with it and I don’t understand the whole snobbery towards it from fellow artists.They are super awesome. But here is one of the shitty gouache paintings, I’m only showing one cause they are BAAAdd.

photo 2

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting about shitty art products cough*Holbein*cough.

I have a lot of projects coming up and I’ve been having troubles visualizing what I want to do. Things are not flowing, nothing I do feels natural and I feel like I am wasting so much time. But I will show what I have, I’m not going to explain a lot of them cause most of them are just warm up and practices.

photo 5

I needed some figure drawing warm up and I was looking through a Love and Rockets book and… sigh.. Jaime is the master of the human figure, so jealous.

photo 1 photo 3

I’m planning out doing a relief print and working out some ideas, slowly. Sorry about picture quality.

photo 4

I also have to do a few silkscreens, this is one potential idea that Im actually quite liking. Again sorry for quality.

photo 1 photo 2

Just practices and drawings cause I was bored. Not much to say.

See ya next week!


Tuesday Sketch Sept 23 “Just a short entry”

*sorry for the late post

It’s been years since I had a job where I come home too tired to do much, my previous job while having its problems, did allow me to draw a lot and I’m missing that freedom for my art. I do really like my new job, it allows me cheap art supplies and I feel more inspired to do work the ability for me but to actually sit down and work on stuff has declined. I’m hoping since I’m working more than I’m supposed too, as shifts needed to be filled, that I’ll be able to adjust a system to be able to squeeze in some art time before and after shifts.

photo 2

I was asked today at work to draw a hand holding a drawing instrument, and I was holding a eraser and decided on that. Its drawn with Copic pens and tombow markers. I’m really liking the Tombow markers, I used them for my last comic Jokes on You, their water based and I really like how they blend.

photo 1

I haven’t really been drawing for fun lately, so tonight before I wrote this post I just wanted to relax and draw something. I wasn’t really thinking about anything other than I would really like to draw another demon like thing. I used Copic Markers for this, I got tired and stopped blending for the shoulders so it looks a little too vibrant.


That’s it for now, and if anyone is wondering when the next page for my webcomic “The Inner Core” comes out, I’m so sorry for the wait but keep an eye out for tomorrow night. I really took my time with the current page.


Tuesday Sketch Sept 16 “I did a thing”

Hiya! Sorry for no post last week I was swamped with a last minute project. I wanted to submit to the Correspondence Comics contest and last minute (like the sunday before it was due) I changed the story. So I did 16 pages in one week, it’s not as great as I wanted it to be, but I really wanted to submit something and have something new to sell at the Red and White show. (which was AMAZING) Im keeping the original idea and Im gonna expand on it, I couldn’t fit it in the 16 page limit. So I went with something fun, I think it turned out okay. You can check out the whole thing by click the image below!


I didn’t do much else towards sketching, but I did do another piece for PaperGirl chalkride

Thats it for now, sorry for the short post! Till next time.