Tuesday Sketch, April 15 2014

Surrounded by hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for Comic Con this past week I took a small break to reflect on how I was feeling. Stress can be very bad for me, (as far as I know stress is a trigger but there is no way to test this) it infuriates my IBD and no good times are to be had. I was a little worried, getting closer to the con date, and with my already weakened system I was scared I may flare up again but to my surprise it didn’t. In fact I am quite happy, I am really enjoying the experience of this stress, seeing my work printed out, my comic self bound and ready to go, and working with friends. I am really super excited for that exhilaration that working behind the scenes of such a huge event gives me.

The simplest way I could sum up my demeanour right now is that I feel like an responsible adult thing. That may sound strange cause who really likes to be an adult, its all bills and responsibilities, but I like something about being responsible, but perhaps I’m  a boring person.


photo 1 photo 2

Some warm up sketches while I was at work. Harpy bird thing I thought of, I like the stiffness of it just needed it out of my head. The other image is from Saiyuki by Kazuya Minekura, I really like his positioning so I did a copy of it. It’s one of my favourite series and her art as really inspired my own.

I did a lot of figure drawings which I was gonna show, but I don’t know where they are at the moment. I’ll show them next week.

But, here is what my cover will look like for my comic!


Im super happy with it, I wanted a pulp fiction look to it and oh man I’m geeking out over it. You can’t really tell (or I can’t) but its a little darker than this and the colour is a little more saturated so it looks more vintage than whats shown here. Also I hand printed and bound the book so I’m impressed with myself.(and only one screw up! Glue went wild on one page, but I replaced it.)


Cover design for Mad Magic Sexy Times. I did the cover and Drea will be doing the text for it, we will be printing and binding it ourselves. I think we are gonna do it so the wood grain goes onto the back side as well.


Thats it for now!



Tuesday Sketch, April 8 2014

Its actually like, spring here now :0


Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is coming up quick so I haven’t had too much time for sketches. This seems to be trending for awhile and I apologize I will start sketching and producing more work soon. I have some ideas for some silkscreens for submissions coming up so once I got a handle on all the stuff for the con I’ll start on them then.

What I do have to show is some progress for that faun/ satyr (“satyresses” technically but I keep getting autocorrected and don’t have the patience to fix it every time, so Im going with the masculine saying) Im not totally sure what to do with the background I keep changing my mind, but I do like the vine part, I’m not %100 happy with the flowers. I have an idea in mind as to what I want it to be but its not clear, which I feel is being reflected in the work.


I want to sell it at comic con so, I have to hurry it up, but maybe I need to distance myself from it.


I was thinking of some stuff for the faun illustration what else to put in it. I thought of putting some putti in with the work somehow, as some pieces from the renaissance that have the female faun also included them. Theres history with the collation between the two but I’m not in the frame of mind to give it the attention it deserves. I don’t think I’ll include them, I can’t see them in a right style that would compliment the main piece.


Other than that here is a sneak peak of my comic for Mad Magic Sexy time which will be for sale at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo along side Jillian Fleck and Drea Lloyd!

It’ll probably be in colour :P


Check out the Comic Con page in the next few days for an update on what I’m selling!

till next time!

Tuesday Sketch April 1, 2014

Happy April Fools? I hope you pulled clever pranks and saw through the silly ones.

Still just working on comics not much to say, this will be a short post.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

Behold the shitty photos of my latest webcomic page in its progress, look at poor quality and bask in my inability to scan! This page’s first panel pissed me off like crazy probably because I couldn’t figure out what angle I wanted the scene to be at. If you can tell from my roughs I had a different idea how it should look but I couldn’t get it too work so I tried something different, hence the second sketch (if you were wondering what that was.)  My roughs are pretty horrible and I need to work on them, especially if I wanna collaborate on a project where Im not writing it, but to save time I don’t bother drawing a nicer roughs cause its in my head.

photo 4

Figure study sketch and clothes reference sketch.

sick sunday.1

New comic post, sorta, its an oldie comic I made a few years ago, before I knew anything about makin comics and computer stuff. I updated it to my comic fury site, might be easier to read. Also It’s posted on my comic portion on this site.

See ya next week!

Tuesday Sketch March 25, 2014

*Warning contains nudity*

So, I am still in the process of completing my section of Mad Magic Sexy Time, I’ve been almost entirely  focused on that for the last two weeks. To keep my mind “fresh” by which, I mean sometimes focusing on one project can be to consuming and I start too lose focus, like writing a essay and It looks fine to you but its seething with bad grammar and illogical passages, I started digitally painting a illustration I plan to sell at CCEE. It does have nudity but its not sexual in anyway so I would really like to show it, I wanna show the process of it too, from pencil sketch to the colouring.

photo 1 fauninklayer faun

So I sketched the image scanned it in and started inking and colouring on Manga Studio.On the ink layer I started to paint in some blue for her hair, I used the oil paint feature in Manga studio its wonderful to work with. I am not totally happy with the base colours I used for the pan-flute, I’m thinking of making it more obvious that its wood like I did with the branch. I really liked the colouring/inking I did for her antlers, I really want it too look organic while still comic book like. There will be flowers on her sides and I’m thinking of adding some birds flying out, I’m in the process of thinking how I want the background to look, maybe like the hue of the sunset or sunrise expanding out from the centre. I’m having so much fun with this one and I wanted to share it.

Here’s some doodles I did last week between the two projects.

photo 1 photo 2


Slug business man!!! I can’t remember where but I saw something similar and really like the concept. I think I should of made him more slimy like a slug.

That’s it for now! Tune in next week.


Dirty Diamonds Kick-Starter!

So the all girl anthology that I am in Dirty Diamonds Issue 5 (I posted about it on March 18) kick-starter has launched today! It would be great if you wanted to support the comic, it’ll be printed no matter what, but the kick-starter was launched so that the artists can get paid and to help with shipping, printing etc, so all them money doesn’t have to come out of the editors pockets.  If you want to support the project but can’t use money (it’s totally understandable) please reblog this, twitter it, tumblr it, you know spread the word! The link will take you to the kick-starter page that has more information and a nice little video to accompany it.

Click on the image to go to the Kick-starter page!